Exploring Essence

Springing Forward

What a loveliness to be enjoying May – the birdsong, the warmer weather and the delightful Spring that signals new life, new joy, new love.  It feels like a great time to spring forward – to move into a higher consciousness and all that entails.

As we explore our desires for more – more life, more love and more depth to all of that, Consciousness is the basis for every bit of it.  So allowing our Consciousness to move us up, move us out and expand every atom of our life, is a good place to start.

What is the best way to do that?  Just look inside for a moment.  If you want to expand your life and your income, your love and your delights, allowing the basis of all of it to become more expanded makes sense, does it not? The more immersed in Consciousness we are, the more in touch we are with our own Being, the easier it is to manifest in the world.  Just take a moment and see if you can allow yourself to feel the depth of it, the potential that is resting there, waiting for direction.  We live in a sea of this unlimited potential, with only an apparent second between the dream and the fruition.  If our mind is very clear and focused, everything can manifest this quickly.  If our mind is less clear, it takes a little longer.

By dropping into the Consciousness that is there in every moment, we clear our minds, make everything clearer and solidify the power that is inherent in us.  Isn’t that a great way to make a running start into Spring?

Raining into Fall


Today has been rain from start to almost finish.  That wouldn’t be so unusual if I weren’t in the Arizona high desert, where all-day rains are few and very far between, and much appreciated.  The soft rain is dripping off the eaves, sparkling on the pine needle tips and running through the yard to form a muddy puddle at the low end by the fence.  The roses are holding their heads up high but  withholding their fragrance from casual passers-by.

I went for a walk down by the creek and it was muddy brown and rushing, with white ripples and sparkling breakers making it look like a house done up in ‘neutral colors.’  The green of the damp cottonwoods,  mesquite and cats claw make a beautiful picture even though it is a damp day.  The mesquite trees have dropped all their beans, with their vanilla fragrance and white beans making quite a show on the brown earth.  The birds are all celebrating and the doves sing their soft whoo-OO-ooooo-00000-00000 as I went by.  They didn’t fall for my attempt at copying their call, so it seems to be less than perfect.  Perhaps human throats just don’t do bird mating calls as well as they do.  It certainly is a calming, soothing sound.

Days like this are made for resting, for going within and taking a breather.  Our societal conditioning says we must be busy, accomplish much and not take time to look at the creek, talk to the birds or find the perfect little rock for the table top at dinner.  But as we slow down and sink into the resonance of the earth, we find the peace that is there all the time.  Earth calls us Home.

Did you take your rainy day rest today?  Why not nap, then close your eyes and listen to the doves.  They are singing your heartsong, your lullaby, your ego’s requiem.   Let it be quiet, so quiet, just now.  No need for anything to be accomplished, changed or removed.  It is all perfect just as it is.

And so are you.

Creek Walking for Freedom

New creek walking shoes

Two days ago I bought a pair of those crazy water-leaking shoes that have toes just like your foot and tiny holes in the bottom to drain water. They are gray and pink, looking a little like monster feet for females. They make me smile every time I put them on (gingerly, for the toes have to go in just riiiiiight or your toes will never forgive you.) These shoes are made specially to walk in the creek.

Now there are many things I love to do that make me happy, make me smile. Creek walking is an ear-nudging smile-maker. To step into the frigid waters of a mountain stream in summer and  wander slowly through this bliss is just  freedom. It makes you feel three years old again, with a handful of rocks in one pocket and a flower for mom in the other.

Being out in nature  allows us to open so freely, to feel our own naturalness, our oneness with all.  The resonance of humans with the natural world is felt just as surely as our own knowing when we are in tune, in touch with our inner sureness. It feeds our happiness and our letting go. It nourishes the childlike wonder of innocence, of seeing with fresh eyes and intuitively feeling the answers without even thinking,

I encourage you to walk the creek this week, with or without the funny shoes. Your feet will love to be cooled and freshened and you will love to feel that resonance, the deep vibration of nature. It opens your heart and makes you new. It helps you see the Truth.