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Exploring Essence is based on Kate Freeman’s 30-plus years of working with people via the Sedona Method, Advaita and Zen to help them find their own Essence, the truth of who they are.

We often use the process of letting go to help you rid yourself of apparent problems, issues and feelings, or sensations.

Then, as the mind begins to quiet, it becomes easier to see into the Essence of you, the true Beingness.

If you want to work on relationships, money, love or health, we can do that too. Many people find that as they get themselves out of the way, life becomes easier and fulfilling desires takes much less effort, just a simple focus and letting go.

As we welcome and relax, our own Essence begins to shine brighter. Apparent problems become more transparent, more easily released. Life becomes natural and free, a true ease of being.

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Here are a few Testimonials:

Karen Ottway   Karen is my name. Worrying is my game. I tend to second-guess my second-guessing. Eeyore is my role model. Marvin the Robot is my soul mate. If the sky is clear blue, I do what I can to add a cloud or two (silver linings not included). With that in mind, you can imagine my initial skepticism of Kate Freeman and her positive way of looking at things. Still, to be nice, I gave Kate’s program a try (as you may have discovered for yourself, Kate is a difficult person to say no to!). I didn’t expect much, mind you.Pie in the sky ideas, I said to myself. Stuff and nonsense, I said to myself.Mind games and wishful thinking, I said to myself. “Pish!” and “Posh!” and “Poo!” I said to myself. But, to my surprise, my very first session with Kate produced positive results. “Won’t last,” I said to myself (hey, I’m a tough nut to crack!). The second time Kate worked with me, I felt positive results again. This time, I started paying attention to my feelings and thought processes. In the days to come, whenever I found myself feeling fretful, or angry, or frightened, I started applying some of the techniques Kate had taught me. Lo and behold, I felt relief. Even during the times when I couldn’t quite ‘let go’ of what I was feeling, I found myself engaging in thought processes that allowed me to explore why I felt the way I did. That helped immensely. If anyone can ruin a good pity party, it’s Kate. 😉 She has me feeling happier and more at ease with myself. Not only have I (with Kate’s help) gained a better understanding of myself, I’ve gained a better understanding of others. I’m even beginning to notice the silver linings on those clouds in the sky. Thanks, Kate! I like hanging out with you on the sunny side of the street! 😉
Karen OttwayUSA