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Kate Freeman Waterfall

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Exploring Essence is based on Kate Freeman’s 30-plus years of working with people via the Sedona Method, Advaita and Zen to help them find their own Essence, the truth of who they are.

We often use the process of letting go to help you rid yourself of apparent problems, issues and feelings, or sensations.

Then, as the mind begins to quiet, it becomes easier to see into the Essence of you, the true Beingness.

If you want to work on relationships, money, love or health, we can do that too. Many people find that as they get themselves out of the way, life becomes easier and fulfilling desires takes much less effort, just a simple focus and letting go.

As we welcome and relax, our own Essence begins to shine brighter. Apparent problems become more transparent, more easily released. Life becomes natural and free, a true ease of being.


Here are a few Testimonials:

Michelle   I first met Kate when I was going to get married in Sedona and later asked if she knew of a spiritual adviser, she advised me that she did the sort of work I had been looking for. I had been through all sorts of therapy and nothing had worked in dealing with the issues I looked to resolve. Kate’s approach is like non other and I can’t thank her enough for helping me face some of my biggest challenges in life – she is a friend that I will have and cherish, thoughtful, kind and most of all a great teacher of techniques everyone should know. Thank you Kate, I hope to see you again someday